Mobile Development

Mobile technology is front and center and organizations globally are taking advantage of the advancements which are changing how business interact and gather information from their customers. Businesses now are able to zero-in on what their target audience is looking for and capitalize off of the information available.


Is your organization struggling to decide on the "right" mobile apps? Are you struggling to gain traction on your deployed apps? Are you concerned with cost of maintaining a separate app for different mobile platforms? Need help deciding on Native App vs. Mobile Web App?

Guru Alliance’s comprehensive mobility approach can help you develop a mobile roadmap that aligns with your strategic business objectives.

A Mobile App is not Mobile Strategy --- Building a mobile strategy is more than just having your own application. It means working with third-party mobile apps, mobile ad networks, and using offline marketing to drive further use in mobile. Developing a mobile strategy is critical to success for many organizations today. A Comprehensive strategy enables you ensure that your mobility efforts are aligned with your business objectives and maximize customer satisfaction.

Our experienced team can help you device a mobile strategy by focusing on your broader business objectives, identify and recommend a comprehensive mobile roadmap and ensure all the mobile apps conform to the IT standards related to technology, integration and security.


We understand the difference between User Interface and User Experience. Guru Alliance can help you design mobile apps with an intuitive and easy to use User Interface while providing a high level of satisfied User Experience.

Guru Alliance has a team of creative people who believe that some things can be done differently, incredibly attractive and better. Our skilled designers will guide you through all the steps of the digital design process beginning with wire-frames. Our goal is to ensure delivery of first class designs accompanied with functionality that fulfills the requirements of every client we work with. Feel reassured in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands.

We understand that user interface is focused on the actual elements that interact with the user – basically, the physical and technical methods of input and output. UI refers to the aggregation of approaches and elements that allow the user to interact with a system. This does not address details such as how the user reacts to the system, remembers the system and re-uses it. User experience is the goal. Not just the goal of an interface, but of a product or interaction with an organization. When good user experience is achieved, every desirable or positive effect that one could possibly think of flows from it. UX is focused on success of the whole. In reality, the product is not the sum of its parts; the experience is.


We are Application Development experts. We understand that an application is only as good as the architecture it is built on.

Guru Alliance has developers with significant experience in developing native apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Our Mobile Web Application development team has delivered apps using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript.

Whether you are looking for a mobile application for live video streaming or an application for publishing your magazines or periodicals for online subscribers, or a mobile commerce payment application, we can help you develop applications built using industry standard tools, architecture and security.